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My Beef Cows Insist On Redmond Mineral Salt

I feed beef cows here in up state New York. My normal feed program is to put loose Redmond Mineral Salt in the mixed feed and also have some of the Redmond Dura Blocks sat out so those cows that need extra salt have access to them. But there is enough Redmond salt in the mix that I never see cows licking the blocks.

Recently I ran out of the loose Redmond salt for the mix and it wasn't convenient to get more, so I got some regular white salt at the local feed store. Since I felt that this plain salt was not as good as the Redmond, I put 20% more salt in the mix than I had been doing. As soon as the cows started eating that batch of feed, they immediately began licking the Redmond Dura blocks like as if I had not put any salt in the mix at all. That told me that the minerals in the Redmond salt were more important to my cows than what I had thought. Seeing that, I made the effort to have Redmond Salt available for the next batch of feed.

So soon as the cows were back on feed that had the Redmond Salt mixed in it (at the normal lower level), they quit hitting the pressed Redmond blocks.

I had always wondered if the Redmond Salt was worth the extra cost I have to pay for it; now I know that it is.

New York

This Salt Story Is No Bull!

My neighbor and I have adjoining pastures separated by a fence, and each of us has a bull in our fields. Recently I was watching my neighbor's bull walking the fence line like he was looking for a place to get through the fence. I figured he was wanting to come over and fight with my bull. Finally he did find a spot he could get through and he came into my pasture. Rather than head for my bull, he walked 300 yards straight over to my tub of Redmond Natural Mineral Salt and began eating. After eating all he wanted, he turned around and went back across the field, through the hole in the fence, and back into his field. What makes this story even more amazing is that my neighbor's field had a tub full of salt in it, but it wasn't Redmond Salt.

Jonathon Auker
Leonard, MN

Which Salt Or Mineral Block Is Right For My Livestock?

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Fine Mixing Salt<br>50 lb.
Fine Mixing Salt
50 lb.
Our Price: $0.14

Fine mixing salt for many uses
Redmond Mineral Salt - Fine
Redmond Mineral Salt - Fine
Our Price: $0.16

Try pristine Redmond Mineral Salt, mined from deep in the earth!
Ware<br>Carrot Sticks Wood Treats
Carrot Sticks Wood Treats
Our Price: $1.99

A safe non-toxic chew toy for small animals!
Ware<br>Apple/Carrot Trace Mineral Lick
Apple/Carrot Trace Mineral Lick
Our Price: $1.99

A two-pack of tasty treat and nutritious supplement!
Salt Brick<br>4 lb. block
Salt Brick
4 lb. block
Our Price: $2.99

An iodized 4# salt brick
Plain White<br>Salt Brick<br>4 lb. block
Plain White
Salt Brick
4 lb. block
Our Price: $3.99

A plain white 4# salt brick
Ware<br>Mineral Candy Chews
Mineral Candy Chews
Our Price: $3.99

A "sweet" treat for your small animals!
Our Price: $4.59

Equine<br>Salt Brick<br>4 lb. block
Salt Brick
4 lb. block
Our Price: $4.99

A 4# salt brick designed especially for horses!
Redmond Mineral Salt
Redmond Mineral Salt
Our Price: $7.49

Try pristine Redmond Mineral Salt, mined from deep in the earth!