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Calving Checklist/ Order Form

Name     Address Phone
Calving Supply Order Form Qty Size Preferred Brand Delivery Date
OB Chain        
OB Strap        
OB Handle        
Calf Puller        
Elastrator Tool        
Castrating Rings        
De-Horning Paste        
OB Gloves        
Surgical Scrub        
Bactrasan Solution        
Castor Oil        
Mineral Oil        
Vet Lube        
J-Lube Powder        
K-Y Lubricating Jelly        
Mother Up        
Brown Balling Gun        
Large Calf Black Balling Gun        
Large Cow Red Balling Gun        
Udder Balm        
Bag Balm        
Corona Ointment        
Blood Stop Powder        
Uterine Bolus        
Sustain Calf Bolus        
Sustain Cattle Bolus        
Enema Bag        
Calving Supply Checklist Qty Size Preferred Brand Delivery Date
Calvita Milk Replacer        
Nutra Gold Milk Replacer        
Nutra Gold Milk Replacer Med.        
Calf Electrolytes        
Beef Nutri-Drench        
Calf Drencher Collapsible        
Calf Bottle with nipple        
Calf Bottle only        
Snap on nipple only        
Fast Track Jump Start        
Vision 8        
Ultrabac 8        
One Shot Ultra 8        
Ultra Choice 8        
Covexin 8        
Scour Guard        
Vit. ADE        
C & D Toxoid        
C & D Antitoxin        
LA 200        
Terramycin Scour Tablet        
4" Plaster        
3" Plaster        
Cotton Roll        
4x4x12 Sponge Gauze        
3x3x12 Sponge Gauze        
6" Brown Cling Gauze        
3" Brown Cling Gauze        
4" Vetrap        
60cc Disposable Syringe        
35cc Disposable Syringe        
20cc Disposable Syringe        
12cc Disposable Syringe        
6cc Disposable Syringe        
3cc Disposable Syringe        
12 Gauge Disp. Needle        
14 Gauge Disp. Needle        
16 Gauge Disp Needle        
Calving Supply Checklist Qty Size Preferred Brand Delivery Date
18 Gauge Disp Needle        
19 Gauge Disp Needle        
20 Gauge Disp Needle        
25 Gauge Disp Needle        
Suture Needle         
OB Tape 3/8"        
OB Tape 1/4"        
Bucket Heater        
Heated Flat Back Bucket        
Tankside De-icer        
Universal Drain Plug De-icer        
Floating De-icer        
Specify #'s & Color If requested on ear tags        
Paint Stick        
Allflex Ear Tags Maxi        
Allflex Ear Tags Large        
Allflex Ear Tags Button        
Black Tag Pen        
White Tag Pen        
Y-Tex 3 star Large        
Y-Tex 4 star Medium        
Ultra Tagger        
Z Tag Calf        
Z Tag Cow        
Z Applicator        
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of custom ear tags. 

For all other supplies please allow 1-2 weeks. 

If Brands requested are not available you will be offered a replacement option. 

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

We wish you another successful calving season and a profitable new year!