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Eco-Friendly Fertilizers For Your Greener Side Of The Fence

As the global population grows larger, and the area available for cultivation grows smaller, growing the most crops in the least space becomes imperative. In doing so, however, it is important not to damage our environment. Traditional fertilizers, while somewhat effective in increasing yields, are prone to leaching into ground water, and volatilizing into the atmosphere in the form of atmospheric nitrogen. Home lawn and garden fertilizers are also subject to these problems. But now, the environmentally friendly Fabu-Lawn fertilizers from Lakeland Feed & Supply are treated with the revolutionary products Nutrisphere-N and Avail, which eliminate most of these issues.

When fertilizer is applied, bacteria in the soil convert the nitrogen into a gaseous form in a process called denitrification. This gas escapes into the atmosphere. Nutrisphere-N is a polymer coating applied to the urea nitrogen in fertilizer. The Nutrisphere-N coating stops denitrification, preventing the nitrogen from volatilizing into the atmosphere. This is accomplished without killing important soil micro-nutrients.

Leaching of nitrogen into ground water occurs when nitrogen is converted into ammonium in the soil by nitrogen-fixing bacteria. In a process called nitrification, bacteria change this ammonium into nitrates, which have a negative charge. Soil also has a negative charge. These charges repel each other, forcing the nitrates to pass through the soil into groundwater, and leaching occurs. Nutrisphere-N prevents nitrification from occurring, decreasing leaching into ground water. Since nitrate ions taken up by crops or grasses have to be converted back to ammonium ions before the plant can use them, the prevention of nitrification increases growth dramatically.

The addition of Avail to Fabu-Lawn fertilizers protects the phosphorus from the bonds of attraction to elements in the soil, making more of the phosphorus available to be used by the plant, with no environmental footprint. This means better growth and higher yields. Test plots have shown increases of 10%-15% over untreated fertilizer.

Until recently, these environmentally friendly technologies were not available in bagged fertilizer products, and were only used in bulk fertilizers. Lakeland Feed & Supply bags Fabu-Lawn Fertilizers in 25 and 50 pound bags for the small grower or homeowner. By using these products on home gardens and lawns, consumers can do their part to protect ground water and the atmosphere.