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Should I Use A Block or Tub Supplement For My Animals?

Cattle, horses, sheep and goats grazing on pasture and/or being fed hay may need additional supplementation in order to receive the proper amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals. The nutritive value of hay varies depending on many factors, including the type of plant, the quality of the soil, the methods used for harvesting, and the curing time of the hay. The type of pasture being grazed is also a factor in deciding when and how much to supplement. In the spring, newly growing forage species contain high amounts of protein, but as they mature, nutrition declines. In addition, the amount of energy present in forage may not be enough to support metabolic demand. Range condition is a factor, in that plants on poor range may be less digestible, limiting the amount of energy the animal can obtain. Adequate energy is necessary for milk production and reproductive health.

In order to fully absorb the nutrients available in forage, hay, or grain, the digestive system must be functioning properly. Probiotics added to the diet assist the animal in digesting and utilizing the food they eat. When properly supplemented, animals consume less hay, because they are using the food more efficiently. This results in superior nutrition for a lower cost. Probiotics help improve the immune system and contribute to the overall health of the animal. In horses that are prone to issues such as tie-up or colic, the addition of a probiotic supplement can reduce or eliminate these problems.

SweetPro offers a variety of supplements in top-dress and block form to address the needs of your animals. FiberMate 18, FiberMate 20, and Magnum are designed specifically for cattle, with formulations for varying conditions. SweetPro 16 is an all-around tub that can be used for both cattle and horses. Equilix and EquiPride are formulated especially for horses. SweetPro also offers Sheep Block. Pasture Ranger is for cattle on bloat-prone wheat and alfalfa pasture. For a unique supplement to stimulate intake and improve feed efficiency with yeast, viable enzymes and other fermentation metabolites, use Fresh Start, designed for dairy, beef and hog lactation and finishing rations. Lakeland Feed and Supply can help you decide which of these products is right for your needs. Give us a call, or order online.